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Environmental Noise

Acousafe Consulting & Engineering Ltd is committed to providing environmental noise effects assessments with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. Our intimate knowledge of legislation and the New Zealand Standards provide us with a solid basis from which to formulate our advice.

We are widely experienced with knowledge of measurement techniques and noise prediction methods and are supported by state of the art computing facilities. Our knowledge of noise control methods, technology and techniques is unparalleled and we have a proven track record in this field.

With this combination we offer a comprehensive service which lends strongly to the credibility of our recommendations. Our services include:

CadnaA Noise Mapping

Writing Noise Performance Standards for District Plans

We can advise local authorities on the assessment procedure required for local conditions and on interpretation and presentation of data. We can liaise with Resource Managers and Environmental Officers to translate objectives and policies of the District Plan into principles for noise control, and formulate rules based on local conditions whilst explaining the reasons for adopting those rules.

Preparing Noise Impact Assessments

Where an assessment of effects is required in accordance with the Fourth Schedule of the Resource Management Act 1991 then we can provide a complete service with regards to the initial assessment and determination of the likely impacts of the proposal. We undertake noise predictions and contour predictions using CadnaA Computer Aided Noise Prediction Software. Our experience in noise control enables us to provide in-depth advice on the available mitigating measures and on the best practicable option to reduce noise.

Preparing Noise Management Plans

In many instances a noise management plan is pertinent to existing or proposed future activities. We can assist in writing such a plan which will formalise the procedure for ensuring that problems are either not created or are soon rectified.

Providing for Designs for New or Existing Activities

Full noise surveys can be undertaken which both assess the extent of any existing or likely future problem and the potential for controlling noise. Our surveys will include measurement of noise emissions for comparisons with local performance standards, and analysis of the noise for special characteristics and engineering control purposes. Acousafe Consulting & Engineering Ltd has access to an expansive range of data on the acoustic performance of specialist and general building materials which would be used in any designs. Our designs and layouts utilise the most practicable methods for control.


Acousafe's sound monitoring equipment is calibrated by an IANZ Accredited Laboratory as required by New Zealand Standards. We regularly undertake environmental noise assessments and compliance monitoring. Acousafe provides full apartment certification testing of airborne and impact sound as required by the Building Code. Acousafe owns sound generating equipment and a Brüel & Kjær tapping hammer to undertake this work.